Bridging Blocks: Rules of the Road


Dirt bikes and ATVs are illegal to operate on city streets. But the 2021 ban on these vehicles, which gives police the power to confiscate, has done little to disappear them from the road.

While many view dirt bikes and ATVs as dangerous and disruptive, plenty others see “bike life” as a distinct urban culture worthy of celebration rather than cancellation.

Is this problem solvable?

You’re invited to join WHYY and the Lucien E. Blackwell West Philadelphia Regional Library for a neighborhood discussion about the rules of the road and bike-life culture.


Amir Richardson, WHYY Community Conversation Convener
Ben Remsen, Adult/Teen Librarian, Lucien E. Blackwell Library


Saj "Purple" Blackwell, Founder, PQradio1
Amir Richardson, WHYY Community Conversation Convener   


About Bridging Blocks:  

Bridging Blocks is a civic engagement initiative between WHYY and The Free Library of Philadelphia that aims to bring together culturally and politically diverse households for conversation and understanding. Bridging Blocks is made possible by a generous grant from Fred and Barbara Sutherland.

Date & Time
Wednesday, January 25, 2023
6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 


Lucien E. Blackwell Library
125 S 52nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19139


General Admission
General admission to the event
Additional Donation